Chandigarh Petroleum Dealers Association (CPDA) has decided to close the petrol pumps in Chandigarh closed for one whole day on Wednesday, i.e. July 12, 2017. The association is protesting against the “loss-causing” dynamic fuel pricing system. The day will be observed as a ‘no purchase, no sale’ day.
Only BP petrol pump in Sector 21 and sector 9 will remain open. Earlier on July 5 also, the petrol pump dealers protested and observed the day as a no-purchase day.


The reason given by the association is the reduced profit margin due to dynamic pricing concept. They want protection of their commission; comprises reimbursement of all expenses and 0.14 paisa as remuneration.
Chandigarh Petroleum Dealers’ Association general secretary Amanpreet Singh maintained that the protest did not mean that they were against dynamic fuel pricing. “But the government must find a solution to depleting profit margins due to the introduction of the concept. Overall profit margin per litre has come down drastically; now it is not possible to maintain staff and sustain other expenses. This will lead to reducing manpower and will directly affect the customer service,” he added.

Chandigarh petrol pump dealers thus decided to join the nationwide, 24-hour protest from the midnight of July 12.

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Dynamic pricing, under which diesel and petrol prices changes daily as per rates in the international market, began on June 16, after pilot project of implementing in five cities (including Chandigarh) was found to be successful. 

Source: Times of India

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