Chandigarh’s Shweta Rathore Plays Smart Move. Wins Rs. 1.6 lakh at KBC 9

Chandigarh's Shweta Rathore made it to Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 9's hot-seat after winning fastest fingers first and won Rs. 1.6 lakh.  The fastest fingers first question was "Starting from the first, arrange these Indian captains in the order in which they led India in ODIs.". She arranged Mohd Azzaruddin, Saurav Ganguly,

VR PUNJAB: New Name for North Country Mall Mohali

Earlier this year in May, a prime name in shopping malls in South India, Virtuous Retail South Asia (VRSA), bought North Country Mall for a whopping Rs 700 crore. Now, the new owners are bringing its name to shine in its signature style.  Its existing portfolio of community-centric centres  are VR Surat and

Chandigarh Airport to Close at 4 pm from Oct 3. New Flight Schedule Released

Chandigarh Airport is gearing up to cater more traffic and become world-class airport in the time to come.  From October 3, Chandigarh international airport will start runway repairs which is going to affect the flight schedule on the airport.  The airport is currently operating till 10 pm, but from October 3, it

For An Hour Road Accident Victim on Chandigarh Airport Road Cried For Help. Instead Got Clicked

The most barbaric, savage and cruel thing is leaving someone die in pain. And this unpardonable sin has been committed by the residents of tricity. Yesterday morning, a 25-year-old girl became a victim of someone's rash driving on the pride of Tricity, Chandigarh airport road, laid in pool of her blood

Cyber Defence Intelligence- Chandigarh’s Pride In Cyber Security Training & Services Worldwide

Cyber-attacks? Why do we need to worry about it? It is a developed countries' phenomenon, a white-collar crime. Why should I be concerned about it? Why should I care about cyber security training or services? This is usually the popular mindset that I've noticed and everytime I couldn't help but fret

VIDEO | Chandigarh Police Head Constable Using Mobile While Driving Suspended

The video circulating on social media of Chandigarh police Head constable Surinder Kumar using mobile while riding his bike and slapping the passerby who objected has received angry reactions from Chandigarhians demanding strict action against the officer.  The incident happened near Sector 36-37 traffic lights at around 4.30 pm. A passerby caught

VIDEO | Chandigarh Police Head Constable Video On Using Mobile While Driving Gets Viral

Today, a video is breaking the internet especially in Chandigarh.  A passerby caught on camera a Chandigarh Police Head Constable Surinder Kumar using the mobile phone while he was riding his bike in Chandigarh. When the passerby confronted him, the head constable even slapped him.  The incident happened near Sector 36-37 traffic

Whatsapp Traffic Offences Pictures To Chandigarh Traffic Police & Help Making Chandigarh Roads Safer

Whenever we see anyone driving rashly, jumping red light, riding without helmet, don't we feel how they are risking lives on road? This anger turns into frustration when we don't find any traffic police officer around. On roundabouts, where you will definitely find a traffic cop, all divers and riders

Chandigarh’s 101-yr-old Sprinter Nominated for Prestigious International Sports Award. Vote For Her Now

Four months ago, a 101-year-old Chandigarh woman sprinter bagged gold medal in the 100 metre race in the 100+ category in the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand and the media dubbed her "Miracle from Chandigarh". She is Ms. Mann Kaur. Now, she has been nominated along with five other international athletes