Chandigarh-Jaipur Road Travel Time to Reduce by 3 Hours

Road trip lovers! Update your travel list. Chandigarh-Jaipur road travel time will come down by 3 hours. Thanks to upcoming six-lane Trans-Haryana highway which will in turn reduce the traffic congestion in Delhi too as travellers can skip taking the route via the National Capital Region. The highway will also cut down distance between Chandigarh and the southern parts of Haryana like Narnaul, Jind and Mahendragarh.

About the Six-lane Trans-Haryana Highway

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Source: Times of India
  • The total highway length is 340 kms. It comprises of following road projects –
  1. First stretch of 39km of existing NH from Ambala to Ismailabad has been upgraded.
  2. The NHAI has built the 227km greenfield link between Ismailabad and Narnaul Bypass
  3. Last leg of 44 km consist of existing national highway between Narnaul Bypass and Paniyala Mod near Kotputli which has been upgraded.
  • The estimated cost of project is Rs 9,500 crores, which includes land acquisition too.
  • The highway has anti-glare blades to prevent high beam light impacting other drivers.
  • The highway will have video incident detection and automatic vehicle registration recognition system for traffic-rule violation and tolling.

Boost to Backward Areas’ Economy

This highway will surely become a boost to the remote and backward areas of Haryana state. There will be fuel stations, vehicle charging stations and eateries. Additionally, for every 30 kms, there will be ambulances and patrolling vehicles to cater to emergency health requirements.

Source: ToI

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