From Scientist to Entrepreneur – Jagvir Singh Making Global Skincare Market Organic True to its Name

Lifestyle choices – it may sound a simple term but the implications of what we choose and decide are life-changing. We are living in an era when it is a crime against nature to ignore the environment conservation. It’s not just limited to ‘Go Green’ – increasing forest cover, but also adapting to simpler ways that are more attuned and friendlier to nature.

Who better than a scientist to understand this.

Jagvir Singh – he is one of the rare persons who have the spine to maintain an equilibrium when commerce and Nature are on scale.

With his proficiency in chemistry and nanotechnology (doctorate to be precise), he turned the theory in practice – from “research labs to practical utilisation”. He has more than a decade long experience in research, commercialisation and supporting entrepreneurship. It all started in Chandigarh when he was working as scientist with CSIR in Sector-30 and then he emigrated to Canada in 2014. He worked as Director of Applied Research & Innovations and Research Operations of University of Alberta where he continued to inspire and support entrepreneurs passionate about scientific advancements. “What’s been the most arduous part is bringing research into use for betterment of people. I have been working in this sector for long and have been supporting techno entrepreneurs, I understand the challenges. So, with my years of research in nanotechnology especially, venturing into the field myself to bring a better alternative to chemicals-laden skincare products in market was rather a next step for me. That’s why I brought out skincare products, Refresh Botanicals.”

Already, Refresh Botanicals products have taken Canadian and American markets by a storm. What has made them a major attraction among them is that the products are absolutely organic and natural – no parabens, no gluten, no artificial fragrances and no alcohol. The whole process, from farm land to factory, everything is chemical-free and cruelty-free. He laments,”Organic and Natural have become clichè words these days. The brands have used these to exploit the growing environmental consciousness of the people. What sets Refresh Botanicals apart is its transparency – if we claim our product to be organic and natural, we mean it.” He also adds,“Our skin is the most sophisticated organ. What we apply on it, it also gets absorbed in our blood stream. Like food, it’s important we choose the healthier options. When we say healthier and natural, we cannot ignore how the ingredients are grown. It’s got be organic – no chemicals at all.” 

Explaining how in little things, he has checked the wastage he says, “We have skipped the popular straw and nozzle packing for the products. Ours is like a punch. Dab cotton on top of it and not a single millilitre is wasted.

As it is said “You cannot take the Indianness out of an Indian“, Jagvir is bringing home his product that is an assemblage of his years of research and experience. Come January 2021, the Refresh Botanicals will be launched in north India. He plans to set up manufacturing unit in the country and then spread to European market.

It’s always so heartening to see Indians making their mark in the world and when they are connected to Chandigarh, isn’t that cherry on top?


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