Cyber Defence Intelligence- Chandigarh’s Pride In Cyber Security Training & Services Worldwide

Cyber-attacks? Why do we need to worry about it? It is a developed countries' phenomenon, a white-collar crime. Why should I be concerned about it? Why should I care about cyber security training or services? This is usually the popular mindset that I've noticed and everytime I couldn't help but fret

The WHY of Rise of Self-styled Godmen in India

 The article has been republished in The Huffington Post, United States too.   A land of fakirs, snake-charmers, rope-tricks, turbaned maharajas, holy cows... over seven decades of Indian independence, we are still struggling with the same rudimentary mindset that once Rudyard Kipling called "The White Man's Burden".    These are still the most disparaging, scathing and venomous

Another Idiot ‘Feels’ For Women

Punjabi to English translation: "Brother..I don't need my share of property.. Only that you should keep my father's house well decorated on Raksha Bandhan and bhai dooj and wait for me to come. Even if you don't give me must exist. In my father's house you should remember me. I am the daughter I

Blue Whale Challenge: Real or Hoax? Things We Must Care

Blue Whale Challenge! These three words has petrified parents and perplexed investigators for past one year. There have been increasing reports of suicides by youth especially students, but no investigation could link the suicide to this sinister 50-challenge game.  Recently, a young boy's death in Mumbai apparently by jumping off from height led

Meet Panchkula’s “Nek Chand”, Prabhu Dutt Gauri, Creator of Mini Rock Garden

"Creativity takes Courage." ---Henri Matisse                                      A few decades ago, a common man created a MASTERPIECE that inspired millions across the globe on conservation and recycling in the most beautiful way possible. This man was

5 Things That Make Chandigarh An Ideal Startups Breeding Ground

Startups are no more just about the mega cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. Tier-II and Tier-III cities are fast picking up on the race, at least as far as the ecosystem is concerned. Although the desired results will take some time to materialise but we are certainly on the right

Short Punjabi Silent Film ‘Palli’ Echoes The Pain of Farmers Suicides

"....................." NO DIALOGUES, FOUR CHARACTERS, A SONG and A SHRIEK This defines PALLI, a short Punjabi Film Social issues need to be raised. And, there's no better way of doing it other than through movies. Are you still wondering what I am talking about? To raise the curtains, I am talking about the recently