Cyber Defence Intelligence- Chandigarh’s Pride In Cyber Security Training & Services Worldwide

Cyber-attacks? Why do we need to worry about it? It is a developed countries’ phenomenon, a white-collar crime. Why should I be concerned about it? Why should I care about cyber security training or services?

This is usually the popular mindset that I’ve noticed and everytime I couldn’t help but fret even more thinking about how vulnerable our lives have become as we tread on ‘Smart‘ ways. Nation is on ‘cashless’ path and every service is tweaked by IT. From banks, traffic lights to power grids, dams, nuclear reactors, everything is embedded with brilliant softwares, intelligent algorithms, astute programs. IT is the bedrock of everything in our lives.

Awesome, sure it is!

But, is it secured?

Our private lives, all personal data, hard-earned money survive on passwords and the very potentiality of the respective security system against hacking. A bug here or a loophole there, all information stands naked before scrupulous eyes and we are the most vulnerable ever.


 Scary, isn’t it?

Now I put the million dollar question, DO WE WANT a cyber defense system against hacking attempts? 

Hell YES!


Cyber security training, thus, is as important as caring for a tree that we once planted. The paradox here in India is that we boast of having superlative talent in IT, but we also have a serious crunch in securing the same. As per a 2013 report in The Hindu, ‘India has just 556 cyber security experts while the need is more than 4 lakhs.’ 

As per a 2013 report in The Hindu, ‘India has just 556 cyber security experts while the need is more than 4 lakhs.’ 

Who would have thought that a company from Chandigarh would turn into a forté for fortifying cyber walls for companies in and around the world?

CYBER DEFENCE INTELLIGENCE, a startup based out of Mohali, provides state-of-art cyber security services to government and corporate world. The elegant services that they offer includes quality cyber security solutions and products (software solutions and hardware solutions). It makes vulnerability analysis, emergency incidence response, network penetration testing and web application security audits:  

  1. Web Application Pentest
  2. Source Web Development
  3. Source Code Review
  4. Penetration Testing
  5. Server Hardening
  6. Security Scan Contracts
  7. Digital Forensic Investigation

Additionally, CDI is working in collaboration with core cyber security companies to setup threat intelligence research Centre in MOHALI which will serve the R&D needs of information security – CDI aims to cater to the needs of all.

There is one more thing apart from its cutting-edge cyber security services that makes it stand out of crowd. CDI is committed to build a whole army of line-of-defense against cyber crimes, CDI offers quality cyber security research and training programs in Mohali. It has already made its mark in the world arena for providing industrial training in cyber security (cliché term for ethical hacking).

What is even more incredible about the CDI is its story how it got created!

A 19 year old boy pursuing his zeal and passion to learn beyond the text-books entered into the matrix of computer sciences and much before he graduated, he had his CYBER DEFENCE INTELLIGENCE CDI ready and offering cyber security services to big names in the global corporate world.

Meet Lovejot Singh Chhabra (fondly called LJ in the cyber security world.) 

Lovejot Singh Chhabra Founder & Director, Cyber Defence Intelligence CDI

Over a cup of coffee, he shared his inspiring journey and had so much more to say about his dreams and aspirations.

Seeing and listening to him you’ll realise that it’s your passion and diligence that defines you not your age or any college degree or certificate.

Sharing here the snippets of our insightful chit-chat.

LJ, what is your opinion on the current trend in cyber security studies in India and abroad?

LJ: Cyber security has seen massive growth in industry evaluations and so does the education sector. CDI on its part is continuously working to advance technologies to revolutionize ethical hacking studies. I feel proud and humbled at the same time, we are getting applications from students who want to learn ethical hacking from not just Punjab, Himachal, Haryana but also from Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Mumbai. Interestingly in past 2 years, we have seen significant growth in students and enthusiasts from European counties and African countries like Nigera , Ghana who are joining us for various training programs in information security. 
Where you see your company 5 years from now?
LJ: We are an infant company, just 3-year-old. Hitherto we have information security training, security audit services, security consulting legal as three verticals. We are in position to invest more constructively towards product development and trust that within next 2 years we might be making mark in home-developed end-user cyber security products. We are making 110% turnover growth as per last 2 financial years and believe to touch 150% turnover growth in coming years.
Tell us about your training division. How do you propose to enhance skill development in cyber security ?
LJ: Ethical hacking is taking up shape in India and Chandigarh is becoming one of the favourite destinations for enthusiasts to learn cyber security and ethical hacking.
Taking to this domain, I wanted to help students and professionals who want to learn ethical hacking. Therefore, along with “Cyber Defence Intelligence Consulting”, I also started a training institute in Mohali, near Chandigarh for those who want to enter this awesome field of cyber securities. 
There’s a thriving career option beyond the mundane MBAs, engineerings. Think out of the box. Cyber bouncers are the new-age soldiers that are in great demand across the globe. 
For cyber security training and services or solutions, contact Cyber Defence Intelligence Consulting. They are the best in the field not just in Chandigarh, but in the whole region.
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