Chandigarh Railway Station to get Facelift to Improve Passenger Amenities

chandigarh railway station

Chandigarh railway station will get a major facelift which will improve the passenger amenities. For the purpose, the Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has invited a request for a proposal. Bidding is scheduled to open on August 2.

Estimated costing and time duration for upgradation of Chandigarh railway station:

  • The estimated project cost is around ₹385 crore.
  • The stipulated time frame for upgrading on an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) model is set at 15 months and the overall upgraded railway station is expected to complete in about two years.
  • This station is being developed on a modular concept wherein pre-engineered and prefabricated construction will be used, which will reduce the time taken to complete the project significantly.

Major upgrades proposed of Chandigarh Railway Station are:

  • Elongated rectangular plaza on the Chandigarh side: Proposal is to ensure segregation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, drop-off and pick-up on both sides of the central pedestrian plaza as well as clear movement flow.
  • Similar on Panchkula side: There will be a roof plaza for integration of the two sides. The Railway Station is also planned to be integrated with other modes of transport.
  • There will be state-of-art lobbies, food court, paid lounge along with a component of office and retail spaces.
  • Additional elevators and escalators shall be added to enhance capacity to carry more passengers at a given time.

What makes Chandigarh Railway Station upgradation special?

The project, dubbed a “light-house project”, will have the contractor develop the scheme and once the technique is established it will be replicated on all the station development works to be carried out on the Indian Railway Network.

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Source: The Tribune

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