Get Ready for World-Class Level Chandigarh Railway Station

The Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) under Indian Railways is revamping the Chandigarh railway station to bring them at par with global standards.

The idea is to bring reform in the entire station to streamline the movement of passengers and in the process decongest the stations. It will also concentrate on features outside the stations that can possibly obstruct movement in and around them.

The conveniences recommended in a revamped station include non-conflicting entrance/exit to the station site. One of the main features is that there will be segregation of the arrival/departure of passengers.

Key Features

The fundamental features of the redeveloped Chandigarh railway station will be as follows:

  • The stations will be planned in sync with available modes of public transport.
  • Signage for better experience will also be adopted in these stations.
  • There will be ample provision for pick and drop as well as parking.
  • Relaxed and ample waiting space.
  • Airport-style concourse over the railway tracks. This will act as the waiting area for departing commuters. Arriving passengers will use the subways.
  • Up-to-date train operations and upkeep infrastructure.
  • Quality waiting time would be fulfilled by food kiosks, shops, and other amenities.
  • The convenience of passengers to be expedited by adequate escalators and staircases.
  • Improved security and passenger flow management through emergency evacuation in case of fire/accidents.
  • Environment-friendly plan with future growth prospects.
  • 100 percent Divyang friendly; tactile and braille assistance for the blind.

Currently, two railway stations are undergoing the above-mentioned changes. The ministry claims that the work of redevelopment is in an advanced stage of progress at Gandhinagar (Western Railway) and Habibganj (West Central Railway) railway stations. Chandigarh (Northern Railway) railway station will be awarded on an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) model. Once the redevelopment of the railway station is complete, passengers will have to pay a user fee. This will be included in their train ticket charges. This idea is like the one at airports. Though, it is likely to be nominal. As per reports in the Financial Express Online, an IRSDC official said that the Request for Proposal (RFP) has been invited for ₹131.40 projects.

Private developers are taking up tenders for the redevelopment of these stations. The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2020.

News Source: Financial Express Online

Image Source: Google Images