A robbery that was successfully executed within five minutes in SBI branch in Industrial Area Phase VII in Mohali, saw even a faster nabbing the robber. To everyone’s shock, the robber is a well-educated man, a lawyer Manjinder Singh, an an alumni of  Department of Legal Studies in Panjab University and Post Graduate Government College, Sector 11 and currently practicing in District Courts in Mohali.
Manjinder used his own licensed .32-bore pistol and car, Volkswagen Jetta in the crime. While fleeing after the robbery, a part of car bumper had fallen off and Himachal Pradesh registration number plate. He abandoned the car near TDI City behind North Country Mall. He tried to befool the police by concocting a story. He made a call to the Mohali PCR saying that his car was forcibly taken away at 2 pm. The area police reached the spot and questioned why he made the call so late. He said that his calls were not getting through. The police got suspicious when they found no past record of calls to PCR in his mobile. 
The area DSP, Alam Vijay Singh revealed that story concocted by the accused had several loopholes. “We recovered the registration number plate, having a Himachal number, from the spot while Manjinder told us that his car number was PB 23 H 0196. We got suspicious wondering how somebody could first forcible take away a car, change its number plate and then commit a robbery in a span of 20 minutes.”
Hence, the police got the clue of his involvement in the crime. 
Later, Manjinder Singh himself confessed his crime. The car, cash and pistol were recovered by the police. He was under severe debt which led him to get easy money through bank robbery. 
WATCH the CCTV footage of the robbery at SBI branch in Industrial Area- Phase 7, Mohali. 



Armed Bank Robbery In Broad Daylight In SBI Branch Mohali

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