5 Types Of Professors You Will Meet In College

For all the freshers, here’s some gyaan from your senior.

College is gonna be one hell of a ride, Something WAYY different from what you experienced in school. True, people still fight on stupid reasons, but everything else is different.

The most important part of college is the many many professors you will meet during your 3/4/5 years. Here is a list of the different type of teachers you will have to tolerate (But most of them will have to tolerate you, because I know this generation)

The IDGAF Professor


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You’ll get this god-equivalent teacher only if you have done some good karam in your previous births. These kinds of teachers just don’t care about anything.

Proxy? Lagwa lo.
Late submissions? No problem.
Coming 10 mins before the lecture ends? Sure.

If you are ever lucky enough to have them, thank god on a daily basis. Trust me when I say attendance crisis is a real thing and these teachers are our saviors.


The Hitler’s Twin

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If you thought that the teachers at your school were among the worst, think twice. These teachers are the exact opposite of the previous kind of teacher, because balance.
You piss your pants thinking about entering their class 5 minutes late. YES, these are the kind of teachers who have some personal vendetta against the poor kids and enjoy seeing them trembling. You will hate their classes even if they teach your favorite subject, and you can only hope you don’t get them in the next semester, because they are literally running their own concentration camps!


The Teacher That Will Become Your Best friend And Guide

This will be your favorite teacher not only because he/she is amazing at what they do, but also because they are some of the nicest people you come across in college. You can go to them for your personal problems and they won’t judge. How to identify one? They will offer you their food! (And how precious are people who do that?)


The Teacher That Still Thinks It’s School



Did you really think that you are done with school? Sure, all of us watched Hollywood shows and movies and laughed at the prospect of actually attending classes in college (because all we ever heard in 12th was, “boards mein ache marks le aayo fir aish hi aish h”) but this is reality. This type of teacher doesn’t understand that school life is over. She/He gives homework, assignments and takes surprise tests. They might not be as bad as the Hitler’s twin, but they’ll still make you want to kill yourself.

The Hot Teacher

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Because college life is not complete till your squad have a common teacher crush to giggle and talk about! The best part, you all get to compete to be their favorite student! Generally, they are super nice and great at what they do so the crush intensifies. The bad part is that they would definitely have a boyfriend/girlfriend who you will stalk the hell out only to realize they are meant to be together :((

One tip for you all?

College is not what you see in movies.



Tell us in comments below about your experiences in college! 😀


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