Cyber Defence Intelligence- Chandigarh’s Pride In Cyber Security Training & Services Worldwide

Cyber-attacks? Why do we need to worry about it? It is a developed countries' phenomenon, a white-collar crime. Why should I be concerned about it? Why should I care about cyber security training or services? This is usually the popular mindset that I've noticed and everytime I couldn't help but fret

Ring Road For Chandigarh? It May Happen Soon

Ring road- doesn't it ring 'Delhi roads' in your mind? Well, you might have to get accustomed to it for Chandigarh too. UT Chandigarh administration is mooting the idea of developing ring road around Chandigarh in an attempt to de-congest Chandigarh roads. Chandigarh's Madhya Marg and Dakshin Marg serves as highway to

Chandigarh DC Office In Sector 17 To Be Converted Into National Gallery Of Modern Art

With the aim to turn the Chandigarh's pride Sector 17 into a cultural hub, along with entertainment and business hub, Chandigarh administration is planning to convert the iconic DC office building into National Gallery Of Modern Art.  The DC office building was designed by Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret.  The DC office will

Work On Two Major Projects In Sector 17 Under Smart City To Begin From June 25

Last year, the Urban Development Ministry of India shortlisted Chandigarh in the government's flagship 'Smart City Project' under which Chandigarh, along with its clean, green beauty will boast world-class infrastructure, essential services to residents, overall sustainable development of the city beautiful.  Finally, the French consultant company which has been chosen to

E-ticketing Machines, Boom Barriers & Women Attendants-Chandigarh To Have Smart Parking System

For almost an year, Chandigarh has been struggling for parking at parking lots for they have been without any contractor. With no parking attendees at the scene, people have been parking as per their whims and fancies and no parking fees meant great loss to the exchequer.  UT Chandigarh administration has