The one hour struggle #Lectures@PEC


When we discuss college life with anyone, one aspect that we never forget to debate upon is the boredom in lecture halls. Only we know how we just barely manage to sit through that one hour that seems like eternity. Let us discuss the various stages of a typical one hour

They Are Coming for You! #Exams at PEC

The students at PEC were yet to recover from their trauma of Valentine’s Day that the mid-term examinations showed up their face. With the examinations just a few days ahead, the youth at PEC is getting ready to face the monster in their very own unique ways. The different types of

Cupid’s Engineering at PEC Chandigarh

“Valentine’s Day and engineering colleges” quite contrasting sides of a picture it is. With the valentine’s week around the corner, the youth at PEC is getting ready to face the situations they might come across. Ah! Those Singles' Sighs! The most worried and jealous people during this week are those who are