Panchkula administration has come up with a laudable idea for citizen participation in making the city greener, cleaner and thus more beautiful. 

‘Selfie With Tree’ – that’s a campaign initiated in which the residents are encouraged to plant a new tree, click a selfie with it, write their name and location where it is planted and WhatsApp it to +91-7087204521. On 15 August, during Independence day parade in Sector-5, Panchkula, the pictures will be displayed on the giant screen.

Sharing the motive behind the campaign the Deputy Commissioner Gauri Prasher Joshi said, “Youths make an impact and they are the ones who will help the next generation in this initiative.”

However, she also said that the job doesn’t end after planting a tree. “We have to water the plant too. We should also ensure the safety of the tree till it grows.”

Green space is important and school students and villagers will be motivated to take part in this campaign. The administration also seeks the support of NGOs.
Source: Times of India
Image Credits: Google Images
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