Few days ago, a little girl, as young as 10-year-old reported abdomen pain to her mother and she took to the doctor and to her utter shock, the doctor revealed that the girl was three months pregnant!

That’s no fiction or made-up story, but a real heinous crime that happened in Chandigarh. 

As revealed by the little girl was raped for over seven months by her maternal uncle. The accused, Kul Bahadur, a native of Nepal, lived in her neighbourhood and allegedly raped his own niece seven to eight times. He has been arrested by the police.

The police on parents request filed an application for approval for abortion, but to the utter shock of everyone, the plea was rejected. The court maintained, based on the doctors’ of GMCH-32 report that conducting an abortion on her would jeopardise her health and even risk her life. 

Readers, Voice your opinion. 

A small kid, merely 10 years of age will become a mother!! What can we expect of her fate and that of her unborn baby, given the social strata she belongs to??

Source: The Tribune

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