5 Ridiculous Things Every 20-Something Girl Is Tired of Hearing

Being 20 is difficult. It’s like you enter the kingdom of adulthood without having any idea how it works. Moreover, when you belong to the category of independent superwomen, this world just makes it their duty to annoy you even more. In your journey of enlightenment, you come across various kinds

Are You ‘Karan’ of LAKSHYA? Which One?

You guys must be wondering that she has become one 'MADAM' today and will be advising us on our careers. Then, I'll request you all not to take that path because I am neither an expert in it nor can I garner any interest in that from you all. On the contrary, I will

7 Types Of Crushes Everyone Has

Is it acceptable to have a crush on someone after talking for just a day? If it's been an year of fawning over a guy, is it love? Who decides the rules? My friend had legit drunk texted/audio-ed her crush. Thankfully she didn't say anything inappropriate. (Is calling a guy cute okay?) One thing