“Eluding the clamour of my normal life, I embrace the angelic peace in my mind. With her by my side, bud some new florets of thoughts, string together some fallen ones. Weave them in seeds of words and grow them here in my Garden of Eve…”


For all those who adore the art of writing, a heavenly feast will be laid in City Beautiful’s The Lake House as Chandigarh Literary Society is geared-up for an enthralling weekend, Literati-2016, Chandigarh Lit Fest.

Some of the renowned and dearly loved storytellers and poets in India and abroad are going to grace the event. Some of them are:

  • Amish Tripathi, whose ‘The Shiva Triology’ made him an international literary icon.
  •  Dr Bhat, a psychiatrist and an intriguing writer.
  • Saeed Naqvi, well-reputed journalist, whose passionate works has earned him the title ‘Warrior of Words’.
  • Karan Bajaj, a yogi and a bestseller writer, whose novels inspire readers to lead a positive and harmonious life.

The fest is scheduled to be held on 26-27 November, 2016.


Chandigarh Lit Fest

Dates: 26-27 November,2016.

Venue: The Lake Club, Chandigarh.

For tickets, RSVP to https://insider.in/event/literati-2016-nov26-nov27.

For more information, visit www.chandigarhliterarysociety.org 

Mark your calendar and reserve your seats.

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A woman with varied interests, from geeky technology to serene poetry, but with a solitary passion to play with words. Ratisha is educated in sociology, psychology and human rights, that has sensitized her well to talk about all topics of human concern. She has been writing for many nationally and internationally acclaimed e-magazines and news portals including The Huffington Post, (United States) among others. When not writing, she is either found brushing strokes on a canvas or peering through her glasses into a novel.

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