UT Police Advises Alternate Routes On Jan Marg In wake of Ongoing Pedestrian Underpass Work

pedestrian underpass sec 17

The pedestrian underpass between Sector 17 and Rose Garden, Sector 16 is a major highlight project under Smart City project. Construction of the same is in full swing. The main and slow carriageway of Jan Marg is being excavated. Thus, the road between main carriageway on Jan Marg and Matka Chowk and Sector 16/17 Light Point will stay closed for traffic for a period of 3 months i.e. from 1.4.2018 to 30.6.2018.

In its Facebook post, Chandigarh Traffic police has advised alternate route during this 3-month long period.

1. FROM CRICKET STADIUM CHOWK TO MATKA CHOWK: Vehicles coming from Cricket Stadium chowk (Udyog Path) and intending to go towards Matka Chowk (on Madhya Marg) may turn right from Sector 16/17 Light Point then turn left from Lyons Light Point, straight from Hotel Taj Light Point onto Madhya Marg turn left towards Matka Chowk.

2. FROM MATKA CHOWK TO CRICKET STADIUM CHOWK: Similarly, vehicles coming from Matka Chowk (on Madhya Marg) and intending to go towards Cricket Stadium Chowk (on Udyog Path) may take left turn towards Hotel Taj Light Point using service road, turn right towards Lyons Light Point, again turn right towards Sector 16/17 Light Point and finally turn left towards Cricket Stadium Chowk. 

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However in view of road safety, heavy vehicles shall not be permitted to operate on this diversion plan.

Source: Chd Traffic Police Facebook Post