Revitalisation of Sector 17 as Part of Smart City Project Begins

Sector 17 has been the heart and soul of Chandigarh since always. Much before the mall culture sprung up in the country, Chandigarh proudly boasted its open-air mall with the best brands of the world. And, when mall culture did spread to the region, the residents here still preferred Sector 17 to shop and hangout. However, it seems the glory of Sector 17 is taking a blow with malls, especially Elante Mall in the vicinity.

To reinvigorate once most popular destination in Chandigarh, the UT administration is working on making it more accessible. A subway directly connecting Rose Garden in Sector 16 and Sector 17 Plaza is on the cards.

Revitalisation of Sector 17 tops the list of the coveted Smart City project. E-rickshaw and bicycle sharing points would be made part of the project. The surface parking lots would be converted into green spaces.

What all will be done as part of Revitalisation of Sector 17 Project?

  • Subway connecting Rose Garden and Sector 17
  • Develop the 8-acre area in the Plaza near the Football Stadium.
  • Viewers’ gallery near the football stadium
  • The surface parking lots will be converted into green spaces
  • E-rickshaw and bicycle sharing points will be made part of the project
  • Food courts to come up 
  • Walking track is to be established
  • Green spaces and
  • An arena for the cultural hub is also made part of the project

An official of the UT engineering department said, “The tender documentation is complete and the tenders will be floated by January 12. When Rose Garden would be connected to Sector 17, at least 80 per cent people who come to see the garden would definitely want to see the Plaza as well. To ensure that they don’t need to walk much, e-rickshaws would be introduced.”

He added, “In this part, the work is just to develop the existing Plaza. We don’t need to dismantle or close down anything.”

The UT Administration has already got a communication from the Ministry of Finance that they would get Rs 100 crore for the smart city work in 2017-18.

ChandigarhX hopes that the project is successful and the ever so dear sector sataaran stands resolute at the heart of the city beautiful. 


Image Credits: Google Images

Source: The Indian Express