The Good Samaritans: Chandigarh Leads India With 93% Voluntary Blood Donors

Chandigarh, the city beautiful, does not just boast about its scenic beauty, the people here are equally beautiful. And beauty that too skin deep! And on World Blood Donor day yesterday, the good samaritan side of Chandigarhians came to limelight.

According to the State Aids Control Society data, Chandigarh has the highest number of voluntary blood donors in the country. Last year, the percentage was 87% and this year the numbers have swelled to incredibly 93%! The  total collection of blood just from Chandigarh in 2016-17 was 94,667 units of blood. One unit of blood can save three lives, so the city has already contributed in saving 2,84,001 lives in a year!

Chandigarhians, you deserve a salute!

If you are not a blood donor, donate blood today and save lives. 

There are four registered blood banks in Chandigarh:




Rotary and Blood Bank Society, Sector-17.

You don’t need to be a doctor to save lives; anyone can!


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