21 Killer Roads and Increase in Road Accidents in Mohali

In a recent study conducted by the office of the traffic adviser (Punjab) on reason behind accidents in Mohali, grave findings have been highlighted. 21 accident-prone spots in the city have been identified that includes:

  • Phase 8 industrial area towards Radha Swami chowk
  • Phase 7 industrial area towards Spice Chowk
  • Phase 6 new bus stand towards Balongi barrier
  • Phase 35 light point
  • Landran and Saneta Road 
  • Sohana-Lakhnaur Road

The study was conducted by the traffic advisor, Navdeep Asija, with his student Abhishek Bajaj. Their study clearly showed an increase in accidents.

  • Pedestrians and cyclists: The number of pedestrians and cyclists killed in mishaps shot from 38% in 2013 to 56% in 2015.
  • Killer Timing:
    • Between 2013-2015, 16 accidents happened between 9pm and noon.
    • Between 2013 and 2015, 2 people died during midnight to 3 am.
  • Most Vulnerable: The findings revealed that pedestrians and bicyclists were most vulnerable on Mohali roads. Over 50% per cent of the victims were pedestrians and bicyclists. The traffic police records corroborates the findings.
  • Main culprits: Car drivers and truckers are the main culprits as they cruise at very high speeds thinking that these roads are racing tracks.
  • Car and truck collisions contributed to 71% of the crashes in Mohali city in the last 3 years. 53% of crashes were caused by reckless car drivers, mentioned the study .

Source: Times of India

Source: Google Images

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