Panchkula | MC To Launch Smart Cards For Bicycle-Sharing

The Panchkula Municipal Corporation (MC) has launched smart mobility cards to access the Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) system, launched in August.

Majority without Smart Phones

Some Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) demanded the facility as senior citizens and children were bereft of smart phones. The company looking after the plan also received feedback that majority students and underprivileged were interested in using the facility.

As per MC Commissioner Rajesh Jogpal, the PBS system was getting overwhelming response. To enable access for all, they had introduced the smart cards.

How to use your smart mobility card?

People can purchase smartcards from the MC’s Citizen Facilitation Centre, Sector 4.

To use the service, a commuter can pay as per the following slabs:

  • Smart cards can be purchased at an initial price of ₹100.
  • Thereafter, users will have to pay ₹250, ₹500and ₹1,000 as per different price slabs.

Earlier, with the help of a smart phone, Yaana app users had to scan the QR code on a bicycle. This would open its lock. However, now swiping smart cards can unlock the cycle.   


The MC data reveals that 28,099 downloads of the Yaana application have been done. PBS system is more popular among men. 21,777 downloads were done by males. Remaining 6,322 downloads were by females.  

200 Cycles Docked At 20 Bike Stations

Presently, there are 200 bicycles at 20 bike stations. They can be used for 14 hours daily. The timings are from 6 AM to 8 PM.

Features Of Public Bicycle Sharing System

The PBS system is equipped with the following:

  • There is a GPS tracking system installed in each bicycle.
  • The mobile app provides facility of cashless transactions.
  • App can be used by both Android and iOS users.
  • Distance covered and calories burnt are indicated in the system.
Chandigarh on PBS

The Chandigarh MC has asked Panchkula officials to give a live demo of the PBS project. This will be provided on September 23. The Chandigarh MC sent a communication to the Commissioner, MC panchkula, demanding 80 cycles for a day. However, 40 bicycles have been finalized, owing to high demand.   

News Source: Hindustan Times

Image Source: Google Images