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Meet the zealous team of ChandigarhX.

A woman with varied interests, from geeky technology to serene poetry, but with a solitary passion to play with words. Ratisha is educated in sociology, psychology and human rights, that has sensitized her well to talk about all topics of human concern. She has been writing for many nationally and internationally acclaimed e-magazines and news portals including The Huffington Post, (United States) among others. When not writing, she is either found brushing strokes on a canvas or peering through her glasses into a novel.

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Asst. Editor – Pranay Gupta

An ambitious boy about to finish his high school with big dreams in his eyes, Pranay is a voracious reader especially fond of reading biographies. He draws inspiration from legends like Muhammad Ali. He is an ace basketball player. When not in basketball court or reading, he can found either with music or his companion, his dog, Rusty.

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An amateur photographer and nature lover, Shreya loves devouring books by the window on a rainy day. Travelling and good food are the ultimate rejuvenators for her. Currently, she is trying her hands on playing the ukulele and bringing out the music in me!!

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Shrishti is a literature novice with a keen instinct of fashion. Currently pursing her graduation in English honours, she is a budding blogger and a frivolous personality. In never-ending love affair with everything and anything and paving her way to get established in this vivacious world.

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