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Chandigarh, IN
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Shrishti is a literature novice with a keen instinct of fashion. Currently pursing her graduation in English honours, she is a budding blogger and a frivolous personality. In never-ending love affair with everything and anything and paving her way to get established in this vivacious world.




Air Quality Worsens. Punjab Pollution Control Board Issues Advisory

Northern Indian states are under one of the worst pollution spells. The dust storms originating from Rajasthan has interfered with daily life. Air quality...

Alternate Parking For Chandigarh Residential Areas Mooted

Chandigarh has the highest per capita density of cars in the country. Chandigarhians love for hot wheels is well-known, but there's a flip side...
Pinjore go kart

Woman Dies After Her Hair Got Stuck in Go-kart in Pinjore Gardens

A freakish accident happened with a 28-year-old woman while go-karting in Yadavindra Gardens in Pinjore that left her dead. While enjoying a go-karting ride...
Chandigarh airport fog

Solution for Flying During Foggy Days Not Seen Until 2019

As fog paves its way into the Tricity, it has started to mess up with the normal schedule of the people. Two flights were...

Traders To Hold 1-Hr Blackout In Sec-17 Today. Know Why

Sector-17 has lost the sheen it once had. Previously, it was one of the few centres of attraction in Chandigarh. Be it your evening...