Chandigarh | Come May 15, Your Auto Dealer Will Get Your New Vehicle’s Registration


What an amazing feeling it is when someone buys a new car or a bike! But what comes as a dampener is the long arduous paper-work staring in the eye to get the RC for the same.

But no longer now as you can get the provisional registration certificate (RC) on the very day of purchase from your auto dealer himself.

UT Chandigarh administration has allowed around 50 automobile agencies in the city to provide provisional registration certificate (RC) to their customers on the day of purchase of both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. It will come into effect from May 15.

What is going to be the new procedure to get the RC in Chandigarh?

  1. After a vehicle is bought, the dealer will click the photograph along with the vehicle owner and chassis number.
  2. These details will be uploaded on a software provided by the RLA office.
  3. The complete list of available registration numbers will be shown to the buyer. The list will not have fancy numbers.
  4. The agency will provide a provisional registration certificate (RC) on the spot, valid for a month.
  5. The agency will send the complete file of the vehicle with owner’s details to the RLA office.
  6. RC will be delivered to the vehicle owner’s house within two weeks.
  7. The status can be checked on the RLA website –

The regional transport authority in both Punjab and Haryana already allow this procedure for RCs.

Chandigarh registering and licensing authority, Rakesh Kumar Popli said,”…The move will save the vehicle owners from the hassle of running from pillar to post to get the vehicle’s RC.”

In Chandigarh, currently registration of vehicles is done by the Registering and Licensing Authority (RLA) office in Sector 17 and SDM offices in Sector 42 and Industrial Area.

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Source: HT Chandigarh

Image Credits: Google Images