Challan on Your Phone the Moment You Jump Traffic Lights in Chandigarh

You are driving… red light… you look around…no traffic cop around…and you zoom away.

Isn’t this your everyday story? I bet it is, if not everyone’s but almost everyone’s.

The pride, happiness, relief sometimes of having safely jumped a red light and that too without being caught… Well, your boasting days are just numbered now.


The moment you jump a red light, a message will beep on your mobile phone with your challan, the details of the offence and the fine. 


  • From mid-May, the Chandigarh police is going to start a project on pilot basis in which the hi-tech chip in your vehicle’s number plate, (high-security registration number plates HSRP) will be 24X7 police surveillance on your tail.
  • The special cameras will be installed at all key traffic installations that will read the information from HSRP and spurt out your secrets. 
  • The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) attached with the high security number plate will help us in tracking the violator.
  • If any vehicle with HSRP breaks any traffic law, the details will be automatically scanned and as per records of the Registering and Licensing Authority, the owner will get a message with the challan, the details of the offence and the fine. 


The Chandigarh police is coming up a commendable project ‘Angel Friends’  to ensure safety of drunken drivers. People who help drunk people reach home safe will be considered an ‘Angel Friend’ and we will give them a certificate of appreciation,

Even the police department will specifically train and depute some members of the force exclusively for the task of recognising people who helped drunken people reach home safe after driving their car.

Here’s to smart traffic policing!


Source: Hindustan Times

Image Credits: Google Images

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