5 Things That Make Chandigarh An Ideal Startups Breeding Ground

Startups are no more just about the mega cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. Tier-II and Tier-III cities are fast picking up on the race, at least as far as the ecosystem is concerned. Although the desired results will take some time to materialise but we are certainly on the right path. And at Chandigarh, we are already a way ahead! Chandigarh is already featuring on the startup map, and now it’s only a matter of time that the tri-city will become a major hub of entrepreneurship in the country.

Here are 5 reasons why we think that Chandigarh is destined to be the next big thing in the startup world.

1. An Ideal Startup Ecosystem

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the ecosystem is all that matters. Chandigarh is fast developing a vivid network of people and amenities, to support the needs of startups from the region. Both student-run and professional organisations like Chandigarh Angels Network (CAN), TiE Chandigarh, and Entrepreneurship Development Cell are bridging the gap between the budding entrepreneurs and the corporate world, thus making it easier for startups.

2. No Dearth of Talent


When it comes to a refined talent pool to work on new ideas and initiatives, Chandigarh fits perfectly in the frame.

The tri-city is home to world-class educational institutions like Panjab University, PEC and Indian School of Business, which attract talented youth all over from the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

Given that, there is absolutely no dearth of talent to work on startups and make the things actually happen.

3. Perfect Market space for Idea Validation

In terms of demographics, the tri-city offers what most Indian cities don’t.

Chandigarh, a Tier-II city, is a rather small urban agglomeration: just the size of the market a startup may prefer in the initial phases of research, development and testing. Moreover, the population of Chandigarh is a highly educated, urban and prosperous mass. Therefore, it makes for a perfect ground for the testing of new products and services.

4. A Supportive Administration

How often do you see the state governments and local bodies initiating and supporting new-age ideas (for them) like startups and entrepreneurship?

We have an administration which does exactly the same! The Chandigarh administration has in fact set up a government owned incubator ‘Entrepreneurship Development Centre’ in the IT Park. A number of other schemes to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city are also being run, and many more are in the pipeline. This is in fact, a major plus point for Chandigarh.

5. Incubation Spaces, Accelerators, Events and more…


Gone are the days when the concepts like co-working spaces and accelerators were alien to us. Co-working spaces like ‘Innov8 – Chandigarh’ and ‘Start-Hub Nation’ are now redefining the working models for the startups from tri-city, making it all really convenient and affordable. Chandigarh is also the host to major entrepreneurial events, like the annual TiECON and Entrepreneurial Summits like Udyami (by Panjab University), which bring the best entrepreneurial talents from the country, linking them with the local talent.


Given all these favourable factors, Chandigarh will be a major startup hub of the country.

Do you still have any doubts over the future of entrepreneurship in Chandigarh? Well, we are pretty confident, and so should be you!


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