Yoga is Being Taught for FREE at 38 Locations in Tricity. Know Here

All of us have heard this, ‘a healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. Confused and desperate, sometimes we attempt to fix our body, sometimes we try to set our mind to peace! But is there a way, we can fix both in one go? Like An arrow, two targets. Of course, there is! Is there anything not possible in this world?

Yoga is the subject here.

After playing the host to the 2nd International Yoga Day celebrations at the Capitol Complex last year, the Chandigarh Administration is now devising innovative ways and taking new initiatives to promote Yoga as a culture amongst the residents of the city. One such initiative is the launch of ‘Free Yoga Classes’ at 38 different locations in the Tri-City.

The city residents often complain about the lack of quality yoga training and unavailability of Yoga teachers. The few teachers that are available, charge too much! Taking note of the issue, the UT department of AYUSH has started this unique initiative of free yoga classes for the tricity residents.

Currently, the classes are being at 38 different locations in the city, most of which are government schools, but the plan is to expand it to 100 different government schools in the near future. The timings are generally from 6 to 7:30 am the morning, and the classes are for no cost at all!

2nd International Yoga Day at Capitol Complex last year.
2nd International Yoga Day at Capitol Complex last year.

The program was launched at a special event, at Tagore theater last month by V P Singh Badnore, Governor of Punjab and UT Administrator. A special Yoga Day publication and documentary was also released, comprising of the Yoga Day celebrations of last year.  The Department of AYUSH has also launched a new website, where anyone from the city can enroll for these free yoga classes.

After receiving a lukewarm response to the classes initially, the authorities have now decided to widely promote the initiative and make the residents aware. We are just doing our bit in that direction! Better understand, our target is YOU…! Yoga is good, give it a try!

Here we have listed for you the locations where these free yoga classes are being delivered. Have a look.


S. No. Location
1 GHS-24
5 GMSSS-37D (Near Community Centre)  
6 GMSSS-38 (W) DMC
7 GMSSS-39 C
8 GMSSS-18 C
9 GMSSS-15 C
10 GMSSS-10
11 GMSSS-19 C
12 GGMSSS-20 B
13 GMSSS-20 D
14 GMSSS-33D
15 GMHS-34 C
16 GMSSS-35 D
17 GMSSS-40 B
18 GMSSS-56
19 GMHS-42
20 GMHS-43
21 GHS-53
22 GMSSS-44B
23 GSSS-45
24 GMSSS-46
25 GMSSS-47D
26 GHS-50B (Smart School)
27 GMSSS-27 C
28 GMSSS-28D
30 GMHS-Manimajra
31 GMSSS-MHC- Manimajra
32 GMHS-25
33 GMSSS-16D
35 GMSSS-Karsan
36 GSSS-Raipur Khurd
37 GSSS-Vikas Nagar
38 GMSSS-Maloya
39 GSSS-Dhanas
40 GMSSS-Sarangpur
41 GSSS-Khuda Lahora
42 GMSSS-Khuda Alisher
43 GSSS-Kaimbwala

Registration Process

You can directly visit any of the above-mentioned locations, and get yourself registered! The registration form can also be downloaded here.

Contact Details

Govt. Ayurvedic & Homoeopathic Dispensary Complex, First Floor, Sector 24-B, Chandigarh


Phone: 0172-2700346

For more information on free yoga classes, visit the newly launched website of the UT Department of Ayush,


So…? have you spotted your sector and your area in the list. Then don’t think twice and enroll yourself to the earliest!