An Yearly Mis-match: Festival Season & Traffic Woes

Tri-city is brimming; with love, festival celebrations and chaos. If we don’t act wisely, we’ll end up like big metropolitan “traffic jam” cities.

A visit to the markets in Sector – 22, 17, 15 & 7 clearly suggests that festive season is upon us. And with that, parking woes are rising thick and fast. Many residents of tri-city complained about the lack of parking space in the parking area.

How is the MC dealing with increasing traffic?

Municipal Corporation has issued directions to its staff to ensure that street vendors do not sit in the parking lots. Additionally, strict instructions have been given out that people must park their vehicles within the parking areas. No haphazard parking on the main road leading to traffic chaos will be tolerated. However, as people retorts the lack of parking spaces force them to ignore parking etiquettes. 

How’s Chandigarh Traffic Police plan to handle the situation?

The traffic police have decided to declare some busy markets car-free zones to manage chaos. Sources said the decision has been taken as some markets, including sectors 15, 19 and 22, are badly choked with vehicles. 

Citizens’ speak

“Parking lots are full everywhere because of festive season. We have a total of three parking lots in Sector 22. If one parking gets full, we are redirecting people to the next. Roadside vendors have been removed but they come again. Proper check is being kept on them, “said Azad, a parking attendant.

Jitendra Kumar, a resident of Khuda Lahora, said that the residents were being forced to park on the main road even though the risk of their vehicles getting towed away was high. ” When there is no space in the parking lots, we have no other option but to park on roads. The traffic police then tows away our vehicle,” said Kumar, who visited Sector 22 for shopping with his friends.


Source: The Indian Express


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