Sector 20 Gets An Open-Air Gym| Know More

open air gym sector 20

Yes, finally an open air gym has been constructed in Sector 20! This city is advancing towards a healthy and bright future.

On Tuesday, Asha Jaswal, Chandigarh mayor, inaugurated an open-air gym at a  Sector 20 park.

Jaswal, while addressing the gathering, said that one of the primary aims of the municipal corporation is to facilitate the local residents in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She further said that the MC is committed in providing the best possible fitness facilities and infrastructure.

The mayor also said that she wishes to construct open-air gyms in each and every big park in the Tricity.

Details About The Gym Infrastructure

Now you need not pay an expensive monthly fee for going to a gym. Here is a list of the equipment you will find in the park –

  • Pushchair,
  • Sub-board functions,
  • Spacewalker,
  • Seated pedal trainer,
  • Wab board,
  • Elliptical cross trainer,
  • Parallel bars,
  • Taiji wheel,
  • Riding trainer and
  • Stepper.

The gym has been set up at an investment of Rs 6.5 lakh approximately. This includes the cost of latest equipment as well.

The MC’s Future Plans On Installing Open Air Gyms

In total, there are 56 sectors in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is further segregated into four parts — A, B, C and D. The MC plans to systematically pursue the installation of open air gyms.

The civic body plans to install fitness equipment in all the green belts and parks of all the sectors of the Chandigarh, phase by phase.

In the first phase, 10 locations have been chosen by the MC to set up open-air gyms. 10 non-electrical fitness machines will be installed at each location. This will cost the MC around Rs 60 lakh. The facility will be open for residents of the sector – totally free.

Recently, a tender had been floated by the MC for employing a firm for equipment installation at 5 green belts — Sector 18, 19, 21, 27 and 28 respectively. This will cost around Rs 27.9 lakh. A two month deadline has been kept to finish the work.

Gyms To Be Installed At Community Centres

MC has also decided to install gyms in all the community centres. As of now, around forty five community centres are located in various sectors of Chandigarh. The residents will have to pay a nominal monthly fee to use the fitness equipment installed there.

What do you say, Chandigarh?

(News Source  – Times Of India)

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