Did You Know World’s Leading Universities Offer Free Online Courses?

Somewhere deep inside we all harbour a desire to study in the world’s top ranking universities. However, only a few of us get their dream fulfilled. The others do not be disheartened! If you couldn’t be there, your dream universities are coming to you!

Ever heard of MOOC?

Well, MOOC – Massive Open Online Course, is the best example of the internet breaking all possible barriers and herald into a world of open and free access to information and knowledge. Simply said, it is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. World’s leading universities like Caltech, MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, Peking and so many others are offering MOOCs in all streams possible. Oxford University is the latest to join in the list. (Though many universities have their own MOOC programmes like edX, Coursera, Udacity, OpenClassrooms and the like, MOOC-list.com lists all of them at one place.)

MOOCs are specially designed course material that have changed the very definition of distance education. Apart from traditional course materials such as filmed lectures and problem sets, many create an interactive user forums to assist better understanding. Imagine how fruitful it will be when you interact with world’s best professors and fellow students from across the world!

Things to care:

  • The university that is offering the course, last date of application and other information are provided there.
  • To know about details of the course or enroll for a course, click on the button “GO TO CLASS” on the course page. It will directly take you to the course website (a different platform) where you can register for the course following the procedures of the university.
  • Most of the courses are free, however, some universities may charge for exams or degrees. You can find the information when you enroll for the course.
  • And the best part. You don’t have to wait for a whole year for the course if you miss a deadline. You can even join in even if it has already started.

Cool isn’t?

Dig in the extensive list of courses at MOOC list and select those that interests you.




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  1. Thanks for spreading the message about MOOCs, Ratisha. There are tons of MOOCs and online tutorials these days but it’s impossible to know which is the best one. https://hackr.io is a great place to find the best online programming tutorials submitted and voted by the programming community.
    I am sure that MOOCs will change the way world learns.

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