Whatsapp Traffic Offences Pictures To Chandigarh Traffic Police & Help Making Chandigarh Roads Safer

Whenever we see anyone driving rashly, jumping red light, riding without helmet, don’t we feel how they are risking lives on road? This anger turns into frustration when we don’t find any traffic police officer around. On roundabouts, where you will definitely find a traffic cop, all divers and riders straighten up, but what about moments later?

Chandigarh traffic police started a service sometime back where they invited citizens to send them pictures of those breaking traffic rules. Anyone can send them the picture of the offender, with date, time, place to the whatsapp number  9779580985. 

And, oflate responsible citizens have come forward and send pictures of those who have broke traffic rules.

A post on Chandigarh traffic police Facebook page said that,”In the last 24 hours, 25 citizens contacted the Chandigarh Traffic Police on its WhatsApp No. 9779580985. Out of these citizens, 17 information’s received about driving/ riding a two wheeler driver without helmet, zebra crossing, red light jump, black filming, rash driving, wrong parking, ATC lights not working, & traffic congestion. 04 citizens reported about 59 traffic violations for driving/ riding a two wheeler driver without helmet, zebra crossing, red light jump. The Chandigarh Traffic Police promptly acted on them and issued 59 Traffic Violation Information Slips (TVIS) to the traffic rules violators.


Chandigarh Police requests all citizens to utilize this whatsApp number 9779580985  for the sharing the following things with them:-

A. Logical and meaningful traffic related suggestions.

B. Specific information about traffic congestions.

C. Specific information about traffic accidents. 

D. Traffic violation images with date, time and place of violation along with sender’s complete name and address, in order to take legal action against the violators.


So, next you see anyone breaking traffic rules, instead of cribbing and abusing administration, bring out your phone, click the offenders’ picture and whatsapp it to 9779580985

It is easy to blame others for anything wrong around, but difficult to fulfill our duty to curb the problem. 

We share the traffic information with FM’s, why not with traffic police for them to reign it in. 


Source: Chandigarh Traffic Police Facebook Page

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Image Credits: The Logical Indian