Chandigarh, Here’s Your ‘Laughter Dose’ with Aakash Mehta & Rahul Dua | Event Details

It’s time for all giggling and rupturous laughter and insane gaffaws. It’s time for comedy with ace stand up comedians, Aakash Mehta and Rahul Dua at LAUGHTER DOSE presented by PEC Chandigarh’s Voyagers. This is the second edition of comedy carnival IGNITRA 2.0.

About the Comedians at Voyagers’ Laughter Dose:


A law graduate, audio engineer, writer, musician wore a comedian hat just to make fun of little annoying things that pester us. From piles to suicidal tendencies to being a kid, Aakash Mehta has all the rib-tickling jokes up his sleeve. A true student of the art, Aakash now relishes every mishap, misfortune and misadventure so that he can talk about it on stage.


Here’s our Punjab da puttar with the signature punjabi wit. An MBA, an engineer, Rahul’s comedy is more characterised by satirical note on current financial state of affairs. ‘Rahul, Naam to suna hoga’ or ‘Dua mein yaad rakhna’. He has performed across the country and has won won many comedy Open Mics, most noteworthy being NDTV’s Rising Star of Comedy 2016.

These insane dudes will have us rolling in the aisles with their humor. Grab your tickets and be ready for some nasty belly curls.

LAUGHTER DOSE with Aakash Gupta & Rahul Dua

DATE: April 6, 2018

TIME: 5 p.m. onwards

VENUE: Tagore Theatre, Sector-18, Chandigarh


For discounted coupons– Arushi Singla (8559015370)

When Rahul Dua and Aakash Gupta take on the stage, it’s a guaranteed evening blessed with Laughter and Happiness!!