Video | Freak Accident in Chandigarh Saw Car Flying in Air

A freaking accident happened in Chandigarh which was no less than a scene from Rohit Shetty’s movie, known for cars flying in air.
Something similar happened in Sector 37 on Saturday where a speeding Fortuner flung in the air when it was crossing a speed breaker and it landed on two cars parked across the street. 

According to police, the Fortuner driver, Rajinder Singh, a resident of Mohali, suffered seizures while driving and lost balance of the car. 

The frightening accident was recorded in CCTV camera installed nearby and video went viral. It can be seen that a car crossed before it and one two-wheeler rider passed from its left. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the frightening accident. The driver suffered minor injuries. 

His medical examination ruled out drunken driving, the police maintained. 

A DDR was registered at the Sector 39 police station.

Source: The Indian Express

Image and Video Credits: Twitter/Man Aman Singh Chinna