Cheer Up, Chandigarh! Bike Taxis Are All Set to Zoom on Roads

The city roads will now witness taxis in an all new mode of transport. Yes, we’re talking about bike taxis. UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore on Tuesday gave a green signal to riding bike taxis in Chandigarh. A policy has been formulated for this.

The order issued by Chandigarh administration stated, “The Administrator is pleased to allow the operation of bike taxis in Union Territory of Chandigarh subject to conditions as well as fulfillment of conditions as laid down in section 74 (2) and 84 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.”

The conditions of the Transport Department are as follows:

  • A bike taxi carries one passenger who rides as the pillion behind the motorcycle operator in lieu of a charge.
  • The vehicle will have a yellow number plate for identification. The word ‘bike taxi’ and contract carriage should be written predominantly on the vehicle.
  • The driver shall carry a first-aid box and the driver/rider shall both wear protective helmets with ISI mark.
  • Decent standards of comfort and cleanliness shall be maintained.
  • The owner of vehicle shall have adequate parking space available with him/her.
  • The applicant for permit must be an individual, firm registered under Partnership Act 1932, or a company registered under the Companies Act 2013.
  • As defined in section 2(27) of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, the motorcycle for which permit will be granted must be registered as a commercial vehicle. The licensing authority “must allow conversion of private vehicle into a commercial vehicle within a period of 15 days from the date on which an applicant is moved.”
  • As per provisions of section 82 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, the motorcycle permit is non-transferable.
  • The vehicle owner shall possess a valid insurance certificate.
  • The applicant seeking a permit to ride a bike taxi can own it or provide on lease any vehicle. He/She may employ a driver.
  • The applicant for a permit shall have to comply with all applicable rules and regulations prescribed under Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

There was a surge in demand of bike taxis considering the use of a four wheelers for a single passenger on board. On the other hand, officials have cited health concerns of using the same helmet by a number of passengers throughout the day.

News Source: The Indian Express

Image Source: HT File Photos