Unbox Love & Unlock Happiness at Elante Mall’s Happiness Wali Diwali

Spreading festive cheer by giving visitors a chance to bond with their loved ones, Elante mall, the region’s favourite destination for shopping and fun, ramped up its ‘Happiness Wali Diwali’ offerings today by unwrapping a unique ‘Gift of Love’ initiative that encourages people to spend quality time with their family members and friends and bring a smile on their faces by surprising them with gifts.

Unbox Love & My Happiness Moment 

All that you need to do to make your near and dear ones feel special and rekindle your cherished bonds is buy your surprise gift from the mall and have it kept at the ‘Unbox Love’ counter in the mall after filling the details at the registration desk and collecting your gift tag. Once you have produced the bill at the ‘Unbox Love’ counter, you can create your own ‘My Happiness Moment’ by delighting your loved ones with surprise gifts and posing with them for photographs, carrying placards with messages like ‘Ye hai happiness’, ‘Meri pyari mom’, Dost ho to aisa’, ‘Neighbours in love’ and ‘My favourite person in the world’.

The idea behind the ‘Gift of Love’ initiative is to make people bond and appreciate the value of togetherness. So, remember, you can present the surprise gift only the same day, and your loved one has to be physically present to receive it.

What’s more, Elante will also reward you with a surprise gift for your warm gesture. You can claim this token of appreciation from Elante by choosing from any of the five gift boxes placed before you at the ‘Unbox Love’ counter.

Unlock Happiness 

But that’s not all! Another gift awaits you in the Gift Vault placed in the mall atrium if luck is on your side. The Gift Vault put up by Elante under its ‘Unlock Happiness’ initiative has nine closets with nine keys to choose from. Pick any one key and you get three chances to unlock the right closet. If you happen to do it, the gift inside is yours for the taking. If you want to try your luck at ‘Unlocking Happiness’, be sure your billing amount is at least Rs 5,000.

“Our ‘Gift of Love’ initiative encourages mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters and neighbours and friends to hang out with each other and spend quality time together. May our ‘Happiness Wali Diwali’ bring happiness all around,” said Elante Executive Director Mr Anil Malhotra.