Truth Behind Beautiful Picture of Peacocks Said to be From Sukhna Lake Reserve, Chandigarh

With COVID-19 forcing us humans locked in our humans, nature is surely reclaiming what originally its very own. We, humans, only are beneficiaries and most of them intruders into its space. Several pictures and videos with the rarely seen wildlife roaming freely in man-made concrete jungles are the evidence.

However, it has brought an unsavoury opportunity to people and pages on social media to cash-in fame by churning old or edited pictures and videos completely unrelated to lockdown and make claim for the same.

Recently a beautiful picture of peacocks, parrots and other birds peacefully enjoying their feast on road has been claimed to be from Sukhna Lake Reserve Forest.

But, it’s not.

FACT 1: It is from Chatt Bir Zoo

FACT 2: It is an image from a video clipping shot from safari at the zoo.

FACT 3: It is old video first surfaced on February 3, 2018 and therefore completely unrelated to current lockdown.


Dr Abdul Qayum, DCF Chandigarh, himself has busted the fake news and tweeted the reality.

If you look closely, you will it being shot from a window of a vehicle.

Sorry guys, it’s the truth.