Things You Must Never Say/Do To Your Spouse Fasting This Karva Chauth

Staying hungry all day long, with all kinds of hunger pangs in your tummy, lips getting all dried up… no easy job it is. And on the top of it, being decked up with kilos of weight of jewellery and dress, and taking care that your lipstick and mascara stay right on its place, that’s karva chauth for girls. (Atleast mine is ). I honestly bow before all those beautiful women who withstand the agony without complaining and still look gorgeous till the end of the day. 

The most beautiful thing that has come up these days is that the couple fast together for each other. It’s not the woman who stays hungry all day. She has her husband in her shoes too, literally experiencing what it’s like.

However, there are still many other men who express their love by standing next to her, boosting her morale. To these men, following are somethings they need to pay heed to if they want to enjoy the day.

Please note when I’m writing these things I’m considering every girl a ‘princess’ and her husband her ‘prince charming’. 

♦ Eating or gulping water in front of her:

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Your wife is no less than a hungry tigress for hours (read days). Never relish your food in front of her and if it’s her favourite too, better lock yourself up in a room and most sneakingly just stuff your tummy. This is not the day for you to enjoy your food. Today food and drinks for you are just raw human needs that you passively need to fulfill.

♦ Eat this, nobody’s watching: 

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You might say this in good faith because you love her so much and can’t see her hungry, but today is not the day for this concern. Offering her something to eat or drink will definitely backfire. So, better save this concern for any other day.

♦ You know, fasting is a great way to lose weight:

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Hell yes, she knows that she is definitely shedding couple of kilos today, but she is in no mood to hear about her weight today. She is weak, she feels lethargic… all she can think of is food! All her favourite delicacies she has ever devoured on.

♦ You look good:

Decking up and being most gorgeous is the most precious thing that she can cherish this day. Since long, she has been planning what to wear and which lipstick or nail paint would go with it, heels or flats, tied up or open hair… she has literally devoted days and nights for this look.

And to this, DON’T just say ‘You look good.

She is good any other day. Today, you need to bring in use those grammar lessons, where you learnt the synonyms and adjectives (pity you, if you had slept through that class!). Gorgeous, Resplendent, Stunning, Sunshine, Elegant… these are the words that can save your skin.

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♦ She looks so beautiful: 

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Every woman on this day will be at her beauty best and you can’t help looking at other women and just mumble ‘Wow’, but warn you men, you do this and you’re dead meat! Remember at least for today, your wife is the most beautiful woman in this world and any other world known or unknown. 

♦ You’re overreacting: 

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She has been hungry and thirsty all day. Her hunger is already feasting on her patience. She is no less than a volcano sitting on a brink of bursting. She will snap, she will get angry, she will be moody, she will be nagging, she will be cribbing… Do whatever to calm her wits down and NEVER tell her that ‘You are overreacting.

♦ I’m busy: 

She will call hundred times today, just to say ‘Kya kar rahe ho‘ again and again. Don’t ignore any of her calls. She is your prime priority today.

No work. No family. Just her. 

♦ What’s for dinner tonight?:


That’s a final nail in the coffin! 

Can expect a war if you ask this question.

Ask her what she wants to eat, where she wants to go for dinner. Even better, just after the pooja, take her to a candle dinner date.

She has survived the fast so have you survived the ferocious her! Don’t you think the moment calls for celebration?  


Everyone has his/her own way of expressing love. Karva Chauth is no longer a living example of patriarchy, but our very own day to celebrate love. 

Take care and enjoy the day.

Do share in comments below how’s your Karva Chauth?