These Unique Ideas Will Make You Rethink Gifting Altogether This Father’s Day

What’s Amazing

Whether it’s the persistent nagging over the bazillion hours you spend over social media, or those annoying-papa jokes, fathers can sometimes be really difficult to deal with. However, apart from those occasional annoyances, fathers, in general, are super-cool! They spend their days and nights hustling to make life better for us, without asking for anything in return. So this Father’s Day, to give them the best gift- maybe we need to rethink altogether.

What do you give a dad who has it all for Father’s Day? If you ask them about the best gifts they’ve given or received, their unique ideas will inspire you. Read on to find out their favourites.

  • Experiences

For those who stay away from their parents due to education, work, etc. the best Father’s Day gift would be to surprise him by showing up at home, telling him to pack a bag and sweeping him off for a vacation. Stay together, eat, drink and experience a gala time with your loved ones. You both can reflect on this trip a lot later. This gift will stay with you. This just proves it’s better to give than to receive, and great experiences are always great gifts.

  • Giving A Meal

Before (or after) your family goes out to celebrate on Father’s Day, you could help provide meals to those in need by volunteering at a local kitchen or food bank. Institute For Blind or Mother Teresa Orphanage are also places you can consider.

  • Something Personal

Spending time with your dad is the best way to celebrate him. But if you do want to give him a gift, get him something meaningful that is unique. Get your dad (or husband) something that fits his day-to-day life and expresses who he is.

  • Memories

Make handmade cards with pictures of your father and you in it. On Father’s Day, hide the first card somewhere he could find it. On the back, write a sweet note telling him how proud you are that he works so hard. Don’t let him know how many cards you’ve made, but every often let him find a new one. Capture destination experiences, find all your pictures from a baby to a grown up, write cards for him and leave them for him to find.

  • Time Together

Time is the best Father’s Day gift he would have ever given or received. It is the most precious resource you have. If you are able to spend quality time with your family and father, that is so special. The Father’s Day that stands out the most would be one where you give your time and experiences, rather than things.

  • A Handwritten Card

In today’s world of social media and text messaging, handwritten notes have become rare. The rarity of receiving a letter adds to its value. It means someone has put thought and effort into something they could have written in a text message. Express gratitude and feelings through writing. They become keepsakes you can reread whenever you like, a way to evoke wonderful memories of times spent together.   

  • Love

Fathers don’t get as much time with kids as they would when they are younger. So when they do get their young one’s attention, parents value the time you spend together. Father’s Day is such a special day for them because everyone just dotes over them. He’s the king for the day, and he feels the love. It’s never about the gifts, but the quality time they spend with their children.

  • Nothing

Father’s Day is special, so it is understandable to want to give your father a special gift. But what do you get someone who has everything? Nothing! That’s the best Father’s Day gift he would ever receive. When there is nothing but you and yours that is the most precious gift of all. Simply get a big box of nothing and spend time with your kids and parents.