Best Ice Cream Parlors For Your Sweet Tooth's Delight

Blazing sun, dry winds, clear pastel skies, long vacation and a time to rejoice. All these things give us the perfect picture of a great summer.

But wait.

Have I forgotten something? ICE CREAMS!!

In such scorching heat and sweat breaking weather (and for those cravings late at night) everyone needs some respite and what better than your favorite sundae? So here are the best places in Chandigarh were you can head on to this summer for the much needed brain freeze 😛


Get desserted is one of the Chandigarh’s most love dessert stop. They make fresh ice-creams right in front of you in their little chromatic parlour. From Gulkand; Fig and honey to nitrogen based ice creams  and sorbets, this place keeps on experimenting to get new flavours delivered to your taste buds. They even serve some delicious waffles, milkshakes and pancakes! So go get desserted!

Location : Booth 29, sector 8b,  Chandigarh

Pocket load : Rs.250 for two

Recommendations : Their Tiramisu ice-cream (only if you are a coffee  lover), Pan ice-cream, Red velvet ice-cream


Gelato Italiano is one brand that serves low sugar, 100% vegetarian ice-creams. They have some authentic and cool flavors like Custard apple and Forest berry cheesecake. The quality of their ice-creams is very fine and smooth and you will love their chocolate waffle cone. And if confused, just try their flavor of the month! And the plus point, it’s open till 3 a.m .

Locations: Aroma, sector 22c;  Food court, Elante mall

Pocket load: Rs.200 for two

Recommendations: Madagascar ice-cream, Chocolate brownie, Cheesecake ice-cream



Every city has it’s famous corners and so does Chandigarh! SOFTY CORNER. Softy corner is a must visit if you drop by Chandigarh. Their softies are enormously famous and people love them. This place is always buzzing with customers for their lip smacking food. They have the perfect and most gorgeous softies in the town so drop by if you care for one unforgettable treat!

locations: SCO 87-88, sector-17D, Chandigarh;  Inner market, sector 9D, Chandigarh

Pocket load:  Rs.300 for two

Must try: Double chocolate softy, sundaes, double choco chip ice-cream


Giani’s has some great variety of ice-creams and sundaes. They also serve only vegetarian ice-creams. You can even try their waffle up just for Rs.10. They are known for the smooth and rich texture of their ice-creams. It’s a great place if you want to just sit back and enjoy your favorite ice-cream. GO try on their sundaes now!!

Location: Sector 35C, Sector 32

Price range: Rs 200 for two

Recommendation: Belgium dark chocolate ice-cream



Red Mango is known for serving all-natural frozen yogurt, fresh fruit smoothies, yogurt parfaits, and probiotic iced teas. If you are frozen yogurt lover, this is the place to be! The best part is, you get to choose the yogurt and the toppings of your choice so that you can easily customize it. Plus frozen yogurts are relatively healthy too!

Location: 3rd Floor, Elante Mall, Phase 1, Chandigarh

Pocket Load: Rs.350 for two

Recommendations: Blueberry yogurt, Mango yogurt


If you are not in the mood for experimenting, just head straight away to our dear Baskin Robbins.  They are known for serving quality products since a long time. Baskin Robbins has quite a lot of outlets in Chandigarh so that it’s always convenient for you to satisfy your sweet tooth!! They even deliver their ice-creams to your doorsteps!

Location: Sector 35C,  Aroma sector 22C, sector, sector 8, sector 17

Pocket Load: Rs.200 for two

Recommendations: Mississippi mud, Honey nut crunch, Fudge Ice-cream




Such delicious flavours that literally satiates your taste buds and you don’t feel asking for any more. Havmor is slowing making its mark in the tricity and it is hugely recommended for those who want to try the desserts in their ice-creams. 

Location: Sector 22 C, Sector 17, Sector 20 (Panchkula)

Pocket Load: Rs.120 for two

Recommendations: Ice-cream cake, Choco Block, Sandwich Ice-cream, Choco Brownie, Mocha Brownie Fudge

Froyo, Sector 8 Chandigarh

Literally a guilt free trip! 

Love ice-creams but worry about calories? Then Froyo is your best pick. Frozen yogurt that doesn’t taste like that. 

A must try dessert!

Location: Shop no-78, sector 8b, Chandigarh

Pocket Load: Rs. 200-300 for two (toppings extra)

Recommendations: Brownie Froyo, Blind Date, Oreo Froyo, Made With Love

Uncle Jack Thailand Ice Cream Rolls, Elante

You must have seen videos chopping, churning, flipping, spreading chocolate, milk on cold plate and don’t know about you but I always felt like grabbing that cup with rollies right away.

Food court Elante has one for us all. Extra smooth ice-cream swirls with toppings that will make go weak in your knees, that’s Uncle Jack Thailand Ice Cream Rolls!

Location: Food Court, Elante, Chandigarh

Pocket Load: Rs. 150 for two

Recommendations: Oreo, Chocolate, Vanilla

People, make most of your day. You don’t need a reason to have an ice-cream atleast, do you?


Image Source: Google Images

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