How Technology Can Help Students Succeed in Math


The subject of mathematics has its application in almost every matter of space and time. Maths can be an intimidating subject for most of the students, as it requires the understanding of the subject rather than just memorizing it. With the right teaching method and strategies, one can understand the basics as well as advanced mathematics easily.

With the advancement of technology, the methodology of teaching has changed drastically. In today’s world, the use of technology is an important tool in making students grasp the conceptual knowledge and have a better understanding of the subject. The latest technology includes studying through mobile applications, computer/laptops, AR/VR technology, etc.

Here are some important benefits of how technology can help to succeed in mathematics:

(i) Visual learning in action: It has been scientifically proved that the videos have a better impact on our mind rather than textbooks or lectures. With the advancement of technology, students can now study through videos techniques which help in visualizing the concepts easily relating it to the outside world. This technique helps to retain the concepts for prolonged duration and in a better way. For example, if a student is studying the topic coordinate-geometry, then videos can be very helpful in understanding the concepts.

(ii) Motivating students to learn: The advanced technology includes mobile application, smart classes, VR technology for learning, which attracts most of the students to learn through the latest technology. The new methods of learning help students to learn through engaging lectures and also helps them to be aware of the latest technology.

(iii) Social and Emotional learning: Along with understanding the concepts easily, students can also interact with different people from remote locations and share information easily. This helps them cope up with their emotional stages and helps in social interaction with people. Sharing information on an online platform can be a great help for thousands of students to learn a different approach to education, as in mathematics there can be more than one method of problem solving technique. This will help students to stay motivated for the subject of mathematics.

(iv) Personalized learning tool: A learning tool that helps students in developing the skills of a student. Consider if a topic like Permutation and Combination is studied in a class, there might be a case that only a few of the student understood the topic while the others lagged behind. Thus, they can easily get off-track. This is where a personalized learning can be helpful. It provides a personal tool for learning so that students can study at their own pace. This feature can be helpful for everyone to stay motivated for the subject and to understand each and every topic thoroughly.

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