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Chandigarh, IN
Friday, January 18, 2019
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Sec 21, Chandigarh Set Incredible Example of Community Participation in Swachh Bharat Drive

Chandigarh, the city beautiful, boasts of so many amazing titles including Highest HDI in the country not without any reason. Apart from the administration,...

Nominations For TEDx Chandigarh 2018 Speakers Are Open

TED The single mention of the word itself inspires new ideas, passion, conviction, intellect and humans' unending pursuit towards self-actualization.  Last year's January witnessed the beginning...
Chandigarh 3D zebra crossing

Chandigarh Gets Its First 3-D Zebra Crossing. What a Depth Illusion It Is!

Yes, it has finally arrived in Chandigarh. The UT's first ever 3-D crossing has been created at the Sector 7-26 dividing road on Sunday....
elante sale

‘End of Season Sale’ At Elante Gets Grander With Flat 50% Discount for 2...

Adding more excitement to the shopping spree at Elante's 'End of Season Sale' 40 luxury outlets are offering flat 50% discount for two days. The...

Chandigarh, Gear up For Hotter Days Ahead!

Last sunday, Chandigarh recorded 45º Celsius, the highest ever since 2012. Chandigarh was even hotter than Jaipur that day. The pleasant spell of rainfall during...