35 C
Chandigarh, IN
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Chandigarh, Gear up For Hotter Days Ahead!

Last sunday, Chandigarh recorded 45º Celsius, the highest ever since 2012. Chandigarh was even hotter than Jaipur that day. The pleasant spell of rainfall during...

Brace Yourself For a Laughter Riot With “Sakht Launda” Zakir Khan

It's yet another time to have belly curls. From kiddish chuckling to giggling to insane guffaws, brace up folks, 'Sakht Launda', Zakir Khan, is...

Late Night Race Between SUVs Killed An Innocent Motorcyclist in Chandigarh

Speed thrills, but kills. True to its very core. However in a tragic accident that happened in Sector 49, Chandigarh, on the intervening night of...

Flights From Chandigarh To Hazoor Sahib Are On The Way

Reaching to one of the five most prestigious Sikh takhts will be much easier. Soon, flights from Chandigarh Airport will jet to Hazoor Sahib, Nanded...

Chandigarh’s 101-yr-old Sprinter Nominated for Prestigious International Sports Award. Vote For Her Now

Four months ago, a 101-year-old Chandigarh woman sprinter bagged gold medal in the 100 metre race in the 100+ category in the World Masters Games...