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Chandigarh, IN
Friday, January 18, 2019
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Chandigarh | The Heavenly Nagar Van is Open for Visitors

Adding more serenity to Chandigarh's beautiful environs, now a heavenly place has been opened for visitors right amidst the lap of unadulterated nature, forest...

Chandigarh | UT Police Crackdown On ‘Car-o-bar’ Lovers

Drunken driving is a big menace. Not just because of the perils on roads relating to accidents, but also due to the avoidable incidents...
NEET syllabus change

CBSE Announced No to NEET Syllabus Change in 2018

Clearing the air of all doubts and speculations, the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) has notified that there will be no change in the National...
shatabdi late

Delhi-Chandigarh Shatabdi Delayed by 9 Hours, Thanks to Dense Fog

The passengers on Delhi-Chandigarh morning shatabdi (12011) had the undergo an ordeal as the train which was scheduled to reach its destination in 3.5...
chandigarh airport closed

Chandigarh Airport to Close for 20 Days in May. Know the Dates & Reason

When Chandigarh will be all set to make the most of the summer vacations this May, the Chandigarh Airport will be closed for 20...