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Chandigarh Transport Undertaking’s Online Bus Ticket Reservation Facility in the Offing

Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) - one public service department that has long aired the sceptics to question Chandigarh's urban tech-savvy image is finally going...

Commendable Changes in Passport Application Rules, Including One Parent Name Required

Women empowerment - This is one of the most often used issue in the administrative corridors, but only once in a blue moon we...

9 Ways to Celebrate Holi When You’re Away from Home

Arre pakad isko...maar maar! Dekh wo bhaag raha hai!! Ever heard?  No, No.. No case of assault or violence I'm talking here. It's HOLI! Festivals often bring...

No FIRs; But, Direct Arrest for Playing Loud Music & Post 10 pm in...

To check noise pollution in Chandigarh, UT Chandigarh police has now chosen to resort to stricter measures. Instead of FIRs, anyone found playing music...

Organic Holi: Best Places In Chandigarh To Buy Natural Colours

Colour Is In The Air When you think of Holi, I'm sure bursting of coloured water bombs tops the list. The colourful festival holds a...