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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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They Are Coming for You! #Exams at PEC

The students at PEC were yet to recover from their trauma of Valentine’s Day that the mid-term examinations showed up their face. With the...

Chandigarh’s 101-yr-old Sprinter Nominated for Prestigious International Sports Award. Vote For Her Now

Four months ago, a 101-year-old Chandigarh woman sprinter bagged gold medal in the 100 metre race in the 100+ category in the World Masters Games...

Air Quality Worsens. Punjab Pollution Control Board Issues Advisory

Northern Indian states are under one of the worst pollution spells. The dust storms originating from Rajasthan has interfered with daily life. Air quality...

5 Eating Joints in Chandigarh’s Sector 8 That Make it a Foodies Heaven

You know which is one of the most *lit* places in Chandigarh? Definitely, Sector 8. The place is full of quirky and colourful takeaway joints which...

All 23 Flights at Chandigarh Airport Cancelled

What a serene experience it is sipping our hot brewed coffee in the balcony in these foggy days, but these beautiful days are messing...