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drone traffic

Air Drones To Keep A Watch On Traffic Violators in Haryana

The Haryana government will now keep an aerial watch to keep in check the overload in vehicles through the drones. On detection of the...

Yoga is Being Taught for FREE at 38 Locations in Tricity. Know Here

All of us have heard this, 'a healthy mind resides in a healthy body'. Confused and desperate, sometimes we attempt to fix our body,...

Unchecked Use of Carcinogenics Found at Sector 26 Veggie & Fruit Market

Are you eating vegetable and fruits with carcinogenics (cancer causing chemicals)? In a recent raid at Sector 26 the fruit and vegetable market in Sector 26, administration's...
best chicken places chandigarh

Five Best Places in Chandigarh to have Tandoori Chicken

Chandigarh is head over heels for food and when it comes to Chicken, people over here are crazy about savouring different kinds of delicacies....

Chandigarh International Airport Gears-up for Foggy Winters

Chandigarh International Airport is gearing up for the foggy winters ahead. On the Punjab and Haryana High court directions, the airport is going to...