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Monday, September 16, 2019
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Non-Operational Escalators at Chandigarh Railway Station: Albatross Around its Neck?

With much fan-fare, escalators at Chandigarh Railway Station were installed in December 2014, but since then it has remained a white elephant for the...

Highest Rainfall Recorded In February In The Past 12 Years

Yesterday's rains in The City Beautiful have seemed to break all records. Chandigarh received the highest rainfall, accompanied by hailstorm, yesterday in February in...

28 Dead & Over 200 Injured In Violence Post Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Conviction...

According to reports, atleast 28 people are dead (31 as of 26 Aug, 2017 11.00 am) and 250 injured in the violence in Panchkula...

Lift Accident in Hotel Altius Leaves Poor Victim In Critical State

Tragic accidents in Chandigarh hotels are hitting the headlines these days.  Ten days ago, a two-year-old Madhav had a tragic death when he fell into...

Chandigarh, Punjab – YouTube's Focus for Fresh Content

You must have heard TV shows calling out all sorts of talents to showcase on reality shows, but by and large, YouTube has been...