Soon, There Will Be a ‘Sector M’ in Chandigarh. Know Where?

Curious enough? Read on.

On the directions of UT Adviser Manoj Kumar Parida, process of renaming the outer areas/villages of Chandigarh along existing sectoral grid basis had been initiated. Entertaining representations from people, a proposal has been made according to which Dhanas, Mani Majra, IT Park, Industrial Area will be renamed.


Mani Majra will be Sector M (with pocket numbers).


Areas in west end of Chandigarh are proposed to be called Sector 12 (West), Sector 14 (West), Sector 39 (West) and Sector 56 (West). Residents of Milk colony in Dhanas had been long demanding to be renamed as Sector 14 (West).


Similarly, areas in the east of Chandigarh, around IT Park, shall be renamed as IT Park 1, IT Park 2 and IT Park 3.


Even both the Industrial Areas, Phase 1 and Phase 2, will be renamed. They will be called Business and Industrial Park, Phase 1 and 2.

Rationale behind the move

Though the said areas have been developed on sectoral lines and there has been no preference or discrimination in applying rules and regulations here. Renaming these areas will bring uniformity in the city and feeling of isolation, if any, will be addressed.

With the formal approval of UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore, a final notification will be issued. 

Source: The Tribune

Image Credits: Google Images