Soon, Chhatbir Zoo To Start Walk Between Birds, Gharials For Visitors


What has been the greatest charm of zoos and birds park in countries abroad especially Singapore is the walk-in aviary which allows the visitors to come just so close to exotic birds and still stay unharmed. The Chhatbir Zoo is bringing the same facility to visitors here.

A 300-metres walk-in aviary, the longest in India, has been set up in the zoo.

Now the bird lovers can see the gorgeous birds, photograph them from an incredible close distance. Mysore Zoo had the longest walk-in aviary, measuring 80 metres in length, in India.

No longer the traditional cage grills and meshes

 About the Walk-in Aviary at Chhatbir Zoo:

  • The five big bird enclosures at the zoo have been enlarged and height raised. There are walk-through passages meandering through the enclosures and connected by galleries.
  • The birds have been provided with ample space and their surroundings are kept natural and comfortable.
  • While on walk-in, the people will get to see birds feeding, preening, breeding etc.
  • Information will be provided through interpretation centres and display boards along the walk.
  • Five enclosures are modelled on different themes: Rainforest, Japanese, wonder, rocks, and north Indian pond. Waterfalls and a rain effect will be provided in the rainforest section.
  • Gharials will also be kept in walk-in as they are fish-eaters and no threat to birds and humans.
  • The birds’ species will be kept segregated keeping in mind the predator and prey.
  • Efficient sewerage system is maintained to keep the poop smell at bay.
  • The number of visitors will be limited and initially, no entry charge will be levied but later on nominal charge will come to earn revenue.

The walk-in aviary project is budgeted at Rs. 90 lakh and scheduled to inaugurate in February.

Source: Times of India

Image Credits: Google Images

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