‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’ Movie Review: Tragedy Mein Comedy

Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Bhumi Pednekar, Seema Pahwa
Director: RS Prasanna 

When the protagonist is dealing with a condition like erectile dysfunction, it’s not very hard to make the audience.
Now if you think you can’t watch this movie with your family. You’re very wrong.

There’s a lot refreshing in Shubh Mangal Saavdhan.

The first half is a complete laughter riot, yet manages to evoke stirring passages of emotion between the two leads as they discover the problem and the second is about the search for a solution and its effect on their relationship. A woman is expected never to make the first move and a decent man must therefore find ways to approach a woman he likes without being a stalker or a lech. After a charming love cum arranged arrangements, Pitampurat Sharma (Ayushmann Khurrana) and Sugandha (Bhumi Pednekar) get engaged. But then they encounter an unforeseen hardship in the bedroom. Matters quickly escalate and everyone comes to know about this “problem”. Things get tense as their​ marriage is just around the corner.

What is Shubh Mangal in it and Savdhan to be about what? 

It’s portrayal of middle-class ‘Dilli’ is remarkably accurate. From people who use words like “gents problem” living in flats overcrowded with walls thin as paper to siblings who can disrupt into fights and arguments anywhere, anytime and who shout without giving a damn about the surroundings.

Everything is so typically North Indian.
The film, directed by RS Prasanna is a remake of his own Tamil comedy. Hitesh Kewalia who has done the screenplay and dialogues brings a smooth touch through language and characters who are true to their roots in the set environment while flirting with sexual innuendo at places without ever getting primitive.
It’s an unusual situation and makers leave no road to unending laughs.

We get all unique character who are still relatable and dialogues with full laugh-out-loud lines. An exchange between Sugandha and her mother (Seema Pahwa) in which the she uses an Arabian Nights analogy is hilarious, as is a visit to an animal doctor in Haridwar seeking a cure for Mudit’s condition.
There is alot of warmth and love between the leads. They look so sweet together that you would want to just hug them and the script gives them enough room to explore ideas of commitment and adjustment.

Bhumi Pednekar who performs as if she was born to live before the camera, is excellent as a young woman whose response to her partner’s shortcoming is both surprising and mature. She’s on a roll, following up her confident, fiery performance in last month’s Toilet: Ek Prem Katha with another winning turn.

Ayushmann Khurrana who won all the hearts in the fortnight released Bareilly Ki Barfi, invests the fellow with genuine likeability and an understated charm which makes Mudit so amiable. Ayushmann does some of his best work here.
Seema Pahwa who we saw last in Barielly Ki Barfi as the mother of the heroine delivers yet another brilliant performance. She and Neeraj Sood get the best written characters and they return the favour by a scintillating performance.
A misguided decision to raise the stakes threatens to flurry the film completely but the excellent ensemble of actors – playing an assortment of parents, uncles and aunts, siblings and best friends – that rescues it, and the jokes continue to come fast and furious.

It’s one of the year’s most enjoyable films.

I recommend you NOT TO MISS IT.

5 Best Attractions –

1) Ayushmann and Bhumi’s rocking performance.

2)  Jokes that will make you laugh your butt off.

3) Seema Pahwa and Neeraj Sood’s sharp act.

4) Some soothing tracks.

5) Excellent ensembled cast that would feel like family.

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